The City Art Gallery in Haskovo was founded in 1962.

About the gallery

The gallery is located in two neighboring houses – Jewish and Armenian, declared monuments of culture and built in the early 20th century. The original and fund consists of several picturesque works taken by the Regional People’s Council, the Bulgarian National Bank and other establishments in Haskovo. In 1964 the gallery fund increased by 500 works by local artists Dimitar Ivanov (Lizzo) and Petar Tolchev. These are mostly watercolors, drawings, graphics and more. Subsequently, the fund was significantly enriched with purchased works from private collections, workshops and exhibitions.

Nowadays, the city gallery has 1668 works (painting, sculpture, graphics and icons). The permanent exhibition includes works by iconic artists such as Stefan Ivanov, Nikola Marinov, Marko Markov, Ivan Lazarov, Alexander Mutafov, Zlatyu Boyadjiev, Ilia Petrov, Dechko Uzunov, Nenko Balkanski, Vasil Barakov, Boyan Petrov, Ivan Hristov, Tsenko Boyadjiev, Alexander Poplilov, Petko Abadzhiev and others. From the middle generation artists showed their talent in many national and international exhibitions in the gallery are covered authors like Svetlin Rusev, Dimitar Kirov, Atanas Pacev, Teophan Sotirov, Todor Panayotov, Pencho Balkanski, Anastasia Panajotova, Galileo Simeonov and others. The appearance of the gallery is determined by the works of artists who lived and worked in the district. These are Alexander Stamenov, Petar Mihaylov, Hristo Forev and others. Most of the exhibits in the gallery are picturesque compositions, portraits and busts. They show the rich traditions of our national art and its national spirit, determine its high achievements, reveal the talent of the Bulgarian people.

The Gallery has a collection of paintings, donated by Dr. Jivko Vradjaliev from Sofia. In recent years the City Art Gallery has been completing its collection of works by contemporary prominent artists in the field of fine arts such as Nikolay Alexiev, Mihail Lalov, Yuri Bukov, Petar Velichkov, Petyo Alexandrov and others.

Since 2009 the gallery is named after Atanas Sharenkov, a prominent technologist and painter, born in the town of Haskovo.

Since 2011 Atanas Sharenkov has a branch – FORUM Gallery, located at 40, Otets Paisii Str. The Gallery, with its modern vision and strategic location, displays and organizes exhibitions of contemporary masters and promotes their creativity. The artists are from Haskovo as well as from all over the country.


Painting exhibition Gallery Sharenkov 2018
Exhibition Hristomir Velikov
Exhibition Tosca ZAPRYANOVA
Exhibition of Regina Kalinova
Jubilee exhibition Ivan CHAUSHEV
Exhibition Nina Rousseva



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