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As we leave, let’s go! In the next martial arts tournament held in Sofia on 26.04 (Saturday), the Haskovo fighters reaped their new victories. The event was organized on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Sofia specialized bully club “Bully Team”. The tournament itself was MMA and grappling. The rules were in their lightweight version and allowed young people greater freedom of choice as well as the selection of an equal opponent. Our team was represented by the victorious Denislav Surchev (77 kg), who was again the first in his category to 18 years old, Lazar Todev (Cat.93 +) took the first place among his opponents, Delcho Dimitrov won the silver and Mumun Chalascan, on the most ridiculous way he lost because of the technical failure of the helmet, which caused his suffocation. In general, we were stars on a strange terrain. For those of you who regularly watch the MMA club in Haskovo, we are giving out the preliminary information about our upcoming amateur tournament, which will be held on 03.05 (Saturday) at the Arena Arena in Plovdiv.
Until then, friends!

MMA CERBER Sofia 26.04.2014
MMA CERBER Sofia 26.04.2014
MMA CERBER Sofia 26.04.2014
MMA CERBER Sofia 26.04.2014
MMA CERBER Sofia 26.04.2014
00. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
MMA CERBER Sofia 26.04.2014

SURCHEV is again unappealing!
As previously announced by HASCOOL on 12.04 (Saturday), another professional Gala Evening on MMA was held in Stara Zagora. Two of our best bombers, Denislav Surchev, participated in a 77 kg. and Turghei Muumun, 88 kg. They fought against Dimitar Iliev from Stara Zagora and Plamen Penchev from Rousse respectively. Dennis’s next victory was achieved with a guillotine in the first round, and Turgay lost a strange suffocation in the second round.

01. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
05. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
02. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
06. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
03. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
07. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014
04. DENIS Team St.ZAGORA 12.04.2014

Surchev with a new suffocating victory!
The Haskovo fighter continued his victorious sports raid. On March 7th in Plovdiv was held another professional gala evening on MMA. The sports hall of the University of Plovdiv was as close as ever to events of this rank. There were fighters from the United States, Brazil, Serbia, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. Between the professional meetings took place the fight under the amateur rules, 2 rounds in 3 minutes, of our representative Denislav Surchev. He was more than convincing and beat his opponent with a suffocating Triangle in the first round. It was the first cage fight for Dennis. For those who follow the participation of the Haskovo fighters, we announce that the next race will be on 12.04.2014 in Stara Zagora.

DENIS Fight Plovdiv 07.03.2014 d
DENIS Fight Plovdiv 07.03.2014 c
DENIS Fight Plovdiv 07.03.2014 b
DENIS Fight Plovdiv 07.03.2014

Haskovo with a new MMA winner!
The 4th National MMA Championship “Submission Challenge” for amateurs, which took place on 23 February in Sofia gave a defeated start to our talented fighter Denislav Surchev. He proved his slogan “I’m a Killing Machine”, winning 1st place in the junior category of 78 kg. with the fastest victory (with suffocation) in the race, 15 seconds. Dennis woke up the interest of connoisseurs in this sport to complete the sports hall to the limit. Accumulating fatigue from the frequency of the meetings he failed to participate to the end, in his second dominant category to 84 kg, taking 3rd place. The coaching staff and we as fellow citizens are proud of his talent and his drive to victory in this attractive and tough sport. The organizers of the club “Gladiator Bokido” Sofia awarded him honor with gold and bronze honors.HASCOOL wishes him a stellar career.

HASCOOL pr. Club MMa Haskovo February 2014
002. HASCOOL pr. Club MMa Haskovo February 2014
HASCOOL pr. Club MMa Haskovo February 2014
HASCOOL pr. Club MMa Haskovo February 2014

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